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Terms & Conditions


IDENTITY - Upon collection of the trailer we will need a copy of the hirers driving licence, two utility bills dated within the past three months (mobile phone bills are not accepted) a copy of your car insurance and if relevant the cars current MOT certificate. The hirers photograph will also be taken for our records.

Any illustrations and technical details shown in this website are intended as a guide only and may not be representative of the particular equipment available for hire. We do not guarantee to supply the exact models shown or listed All hires are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

All hire charges must be paid for in advance, with a deposit  paid for by a Debit or Credit Card.

The Hirer accept responsibility for the insurance of the trailer against theft, accident and third party liability regardless of whether attached to the hirer’s vehicle or uncoupled, from when it is assigned until it is signed back.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to satisfy all legal requirements such us suitable license, weight limitations, safe loading and trailer safety.

Where ratchet straps are supplied, it is the hirer’s responsibility to inspect them for damage before using them. Leicester Trailers accepts no responsibility for any damage or accident caused by the use of ratchet straps.

The hirer must produce their driving license and valid insurance certificate at the time of collection, and if you do not have a legal number plate produce the original Vehicle Registration document so that a number plate can be made for the back of the trailer. This is a legal requirement from the DVLA since January 2003. No number plate can be produced without this document.


BOOKING FEE - We require a booking fee of £50.00 to confirm the Caravan hire. In the event of cancellation we reserve the right to withhold up to the entire booking fee in the event that we can not rehire the caravan.

PAYMENT - All hire charges (excluding a refundable excess of £200.00 due on date of collection) must be paid six weeks in advance of hire period.

FOREIGN TRAVEL - Caravans are hired for use in Great Britain and on the continent. Under no circumstances is the caravan to be taken to Ireland. If hirers wish to take the caravan abroad the booking form must be completed to this effect. Green cards, where required must be endorsed to include the caravan. It is an express condition of our continental hire that no caravan may be taken abroad by the hirer until he has produced documentary evidence of emergency breakdown assistance which must include a get you home service for the caravan.

PERIOD OF HIRE - All hire collections are from 8.30am-12 noon Saturday and to be returned by 4.00pm Friday, (Unless otherwise authorised in writing) Minimum period of hire is one week. All delivery times will be stated on your delivery note, which will be signed prior to your departure. It is essential that the vehicle be returned on time for the next hirer. In the event of the hire being returned late we reserve the right to withhold the excess of £100.00 and up to two weeks hire charge. Should the hirer fail to arrive at the agreed time of collection we reserve the right to rebook the Caravan and accept no liability in respect of inconvenience to or cancellation charges to other pre booked expenditure by the hirer.

CANCELLATION OF BOOKING - If the hire is cancelled within six weeks of the date of hire commencing we reserve the right to withhold up to all of the hire charges in the event that we can not rehire the caravan. Customers are therefore advised to arrange their own holiday cancellation insurance.

CANCELLATION BY LEICESTER TRAILERS - We may cancel the hiring if at the time of collection the hirer is unable to produce his current driving licence and car insurance certificate or the hirers car is not roadworthy or the tow bar and electrics are unsafe or the hirer has not complied with the conditions of foreign travel. In the above circumstances all monies paid by the hirer will be forfeited to Leicester Trailers. If due to unforeseen circumstances the caravan is not available we reserve the right to substitute the vehicle or provide a full refund of the hire.

REFUNDABLE EXCESS DEPOSIT- There will be a £200.00 excess charge, which must be deposited with us on collection of the caravan. This excess will be refunded within 7 days of the completion of hire should the caravan be returned on time and in good order i.e. clean interior and exterior, undamaged and no items missing. The toilet must be clean and empty (we will make a charge of £50.00 should the toilet not be clean and emptied) We reserve the right to deduct a charge of up to £200.00 excess for any repair work, cleaning or missing items.

INSURANCE - The hirer agrees to notify his insurance company that he intends to use his car for towing a caravan so that his policy will be extended to include third party cover on the caravan. The hirer is responsible for the full cost of replacement of the caravan should it be lost or stolen. The hirer is responsible for the full cost of any damage to wheels and tyres.

ROAD TRAFFIC ACT - It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that their driving licence covers the legislation concerning gross vehicle weights and combination limitations. We would be happy to provide further advice to limit confusion.

DAMAGE - ACCIDENT - REPAIRS - Details of any accident or damage must be notified to Leicester Trailers immediately The hirer must obtain the prior consent of Leicester Trailers before giving any instruction for the repair of the caravan. All receipts for repairs must be retained and defective parts must be available for inspection.

Hire agreement form Download a large print copy of the terms and conditions
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