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Ifor Williams Unbraked Trailers

The Ifor Williams unbraked trailer range provides a low-cost entry into towing for thousands of new users every year. Many owners have chosen these trailers for their ease of handling and towing plus their value for money. The extensive features add up to make an unbraked trailer the ideal choice for the smaller load.   Ifor Williams Unbraked Trailers

Quality matters
There are many small lightweight trailers on the market today, but very few can boast the strength, durability and longevity provided by the Ifor Williams unbraked range. The multi purpose unbraked range has proven itself capable of withstanding the daily rigours of the professional user for many years.

Lightweight and manoeuvrable
All unbraked trailers are designed around a strong, low maintenance rubber torsion suspension system and galvanized axle beam, providing many years of trouble free service. This exclusive axle has been designed to connect directly to the trailer body, creating a far lighter trailer. What we save on unladen weight you gain directly as payload.

Ease of coupling
The easy to use lockable coupling head with soft grab handle is a standard feature to the range - you'll find coupling up is effortless. For increased manoeuvrability when un-coupled a jockey wheel option is available.

Unbraked trailers are not subject to any of the towing restrictions placed on new car drivers* making them ideal starter trailers for those who have recently passed their driving test. Always refer to the towing vehicle manufacturers handbook for maximum unbraked towing limit.

For more information on this range of trailer download the brochure below.

Ifor Williams unbraked trailer brochure Ifor Williams unbraked trailer price list
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