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Ifor Williams Tiltbed Trailers

Introducing the new range of tiltbed trailers from Ifor Williams Trailers, designed specifically for the landscape and car transportation industry. Choose from six trailer models all with a very generous overall width of 2100mm and four length options, two of which are our first tiltbed tri-axle models.   Ifor Williams Tiltbed Trailers

Tiltbed trailers feature a plywood floor centre which is flush with steel outer edges and are suitable for a range of vehicles including rollers and excavators. There is no raised rail around the bed of the trailer, making it a completely flat surface.

The range is ideal for loading ground care machinery or for users requiring a versatile Car Transporter which also offers the benefits of a standard flatbed trailer.

Trailers have been designed so that ramp and skid options can be interchanged if required at a later date. The low bed height and reduced loading angles further increase the versatility of this trailer range.

We have achieved these improvements whilst still retaining all of the benefits associated with the Ifor Williams robust leaf spring suspension.

For more information on this range of trailer download the brochure below.

Ifor Williams tiltbed trailer brochure Ifor Williams tiltbed trailer price list
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