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Ifor Williams Eurolight Trailers

Introducing the latest trailer range, the Eurolight, designed for the commercial and domestic user running small commercial vehicles or cars. Offering a choice of eleven multi purpose trailers, the Eurolight range has been designed for versatility. With a maximum gross weight of between 1000kg and 2000kg, there is sure to be a trailer in the range to suit your requirements.   Ifor Williams Eurolight Trailers

Tow in style
The Ifor Williams Eurolight trailer range incorporates all of the high standards expected from Ifor Williams Trailers, whilst at the same time introducing aesthetic changes to produce a stylish trailer that remains in-keeping with the distinctive Ifor Williams design.

Stability when towing
Also featured in the range is the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf spring suspension system, developed and refined for a safe and stable ride. Renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance, the Ifor Williams beam axle system contributes significantly to the low depreciation.

Safety when moving
To ensure your load is restrained securely and safely whilst travelling, Ifor Williams Eurolight trailers are offered with various load restraint options, which can give extra security for any non-standard loads.

Minimal upkeep - built to last
The galvanized steel chassis and drawbars offer unbeatable corrosion protection. All trailers are security marked and every detail is specified for top performance and a long, trouble-free life.

For more information on this range of trailer download the brochure below.

Ifor Williams Eurolight trailer brochure Ifor Williams Eurolight trailer price list
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